Improving Island With Two More HelpersEdit

Everyone who lives on the main island except the ones in the highlands villages decides to meet up at Dolphin Coast on the big sandy part, Blacky goes along with them. They wanna talk about how they can improve the island, first Natasha suggested adding a hospital, incase anything goes wrong, she says she had to travel to another island just to find one. Clara starts tearing up again, Gertrude ask what's wrong, Clara says she almost killed the cat that had to go to the hospital, Gertrude ask how, Clara says she shouted at him and that cost him a heart attack which she didn't mean to do. Ada then thinks she should have a day of jail time after the meeting. Gertrude gives her a hug. Charles ask who would work at the hospital, everyone thought that's a good question, but no one has a clue. Suddenly a small boat came along, and it just so happens that there's a carpenter and a doctor who had worked at many hospitals in the past. They came to check if there were any hospitals looking for someone. Natasha knew right away that he was a doctor from what he's wearing on his head, Natasha ask him what they're doing there, he says he is wondering if there's a hospital looking for someone, Natasha says that they were actually just talking about building one here on this island, but had no one to work there. He is happy to offer, then Natasha thought they could join the meeting. Just then Stanley notice his old buddy from when he was young, which is the carpenter that came with the doctor, but he doesn't say anything, instead he hope for him to notice. Bruce suggested adding some houses in Lonesome Park since it has nothing. Stanley actually doesn't know where that is, so he questions where it is, Bruce says it's past Jade Fields, up the hill in Jade Fields then turn right and there's a little path way to get there. Bruce offers to show Stanley the way after. The other carpenter whose name is Leo thinks maybe he can tag along when they go, but he doesn't say anything. So Stanley accepts to build a few houses there, Bruce is grateful. Natasha suggested having a bigger pier, that can hold up to three boats, by this time Stanley couldn't work alone, so there may be helpers. The doctor which is Dr. Singapura, ask where the hospital is going to go, Stanley talked to Natasha for a minute and they think it could go to Jade Fields. Charlotte suggested adding a few more houses in North Pawville, like one in between the police station and Stanley's house, then add some where she likes to hang out.

Natasha Is LateEdit

Maggie and Noel thought that Natasha was going to pick them up, they get upset that she hasn't come yet, Noel wants to find that other Bombay and Maggie wants to go home soon. Natasha has totally forgotten about picking them up, her mind is filled with the suggestions she spoke of. Warren thought maybe there can be a house where he likes to hang out near the fishing pier in Dolphin Coast.