Strongness In The Wrong PawsEdit

Back in North Pawville, that one cat that has been caught is laying on the bed in the cage, but then he remembers that he has the power to be really strong, so that's what he uses, then he puts his paws on the bars and breaks them, and lets himself free. He goes to South Pawville and breaks into the Birman's house with no one home and steals the Magic Hat again, after it's put on his head, he goes up in that big bubble the same as Ivlet did and disappears.

Troubles At The Police StationEdit

The cat that saved Natasha's boat from the angry heard one time, name Samantha, she's coming back from Lappy Lake and is now in South Pawville, she decided to explore the island, no one even noticed her, and she didn't notice anyone. She heads to North Pawville and sees a police station, she decides to go in and see what's there, she finds that the cage bars is destroyed. Samantha then freaks out and is worried, she then went on a search for the sheriff. She heads to Whisker Woods and finds nobody, but she found a cave, and which she is too scared to go in, so she goes back to North Pawville and then South Pawville. By then Bruce was just walking out from Dolphin Coast alone, but the others are coming. Samantha rushes to Bruce and ask him if he has seen the sheriff, he says that she and everyone else are coming. Samantha runs behind him and she sees everyone, she yells "sheriff!", Ada says "yes!", she goes to Ada and tells her about the cage bars. Ada freaks and they both took a run to the police station. Ada sees that Samantha wasn't lying, she yells "he escaped!", after that Arvin screams so loud that Ada and Samantha heard, they rushed to him.