Ada & Samantha On A RequestEdit

Arvin is really searching for the Magic Hat, all worried out and almost in tears. Ada thinks it's that Bengal cat who escaped, and tells Arvin that. She then yells out, "how in the world did he destroy those bars?!", Arvin suggest going to Theophilus in Sky Heights, Ada accepts it, but she doesn't know where Sky Heights is, he ask her if she knows where Tail Heights is, she says yes, then he says to find the windmill there and pass the gates, it's deep in Tail
Heights. Ada takes the will to find it, Samantha wants to come with her, and so they both take off on their way. They make it to Lappy Lake, but Ada doesn't want water ruining her sheriff outfit, they decide to jump from one tiny island to the other, but when they make it to the other end of the biggest one, there's no way to go any further, since the island with the bridge is too far to jump over to. The purple hippo who lives there comes along and offers to bring them across the water. They made it, and so on with their journey.

Finding An Old FriendEdit

When they get to Tail Heights they see two house there, with Toby and Daisy cuddling with each other between them. Ada sees a familiar cat, which is Daisy. They knew each other since young kittens, and they would hang out all the time, until Ada had to move away with her parents. Ada goes up to Daisy and says hi excited, Daisy says hi back, but she doesn't remember who Ada is, so she says "do I know you?", Ada says "yes you know me, we were bestfriends as kittens, and you told me you would never forget me!", Daisy is very confused, and she says "I... I don't remember you...", Ada then goes off upset saying "I guess we were never meant to stay friends...". Daisy gets upset and feels bad, by this time Ada and Samantha were gone finding Sky Heights. Toby ask Daisy if she remembers the day she asked him out, she says yes. Toby ask if she remembers being with someone when she did that, she says yes but forgets who. Toby mentioned that it was Ada, that brought them together, the time when she was very nervous of asking him out, but Ada tried to get her into doing it, as Ada was talking to him and telling him that she likes him. Ada knew that he would make her happy, and that's all Ada wanted her bestfriend to be. Daisy's eyes goes wide, and she remembers her now, she says she has to go find her and tell her sorry.