The WindwillEdit

Ada and Samantha are almost at the windmill and Ada is saying, "why did she lie to me?", Samantha then says "look, the windmill!", they both ran to it, but as they were running the snakes goes infront of them both. They were just about to attack but then Neil did his loud screech and stunned them. Neil shouted "hurry!", Ada and Samantha ran with Neil to the windmill, they made it, and Samantha thanks Neil. Ada walks up to the big gate and ask how they open it, Neil says that one of them has to do a loud meow facing the gate, then it'll open. Ada decides to do the meowing, after that the gate opens, and then Daisy has made it to the windmill herself. Samantha turned around and sees Daisy and goes up to her, she ask why Daisy is here, she says that she needs to talk to Ada, Ada now notice Daisy but she is upset with her so she just runs past the gate. Daisy notice Ada running away so she runs after her, and Samantha says thanks to Neil for all his help and then she follows them too.

Trying To Work Things OutEdit

Ada and Daisy are in Sky Heights, Samantha is almost there. Ada runs on the bridges and Daisy tries to catch up to her, Ada has reach Theophilus' mansion and decides to give up. Daisy has caught up to Ada and says that she needs to talk to her. Samantha is now in Sky Heights and she sees that they're both on the other side. Daisy with her paws on Ada's shoulders saying "I am so sorry Ada, for forgetting all about you after promising I wouldn't, you were honestly my one and true bestfriend, I would wish to be your bestfriend again.", Ada doesn't know what to do, she doesn't know if she can forgive. Samantha has got to them and sees that they're both upset. Samantha heard Daisy as she was coming, Ada walks away and sits on the grass. Theophilus opens his door, Daisy and Samantha looks at him with sad faces, Theophilus ask them what's wrong, Daisy says that it's her fault, for forgetting her one and only true bestfriend she had as a young kitten. Samantha goes and sees Ada, Ada says quietly "I would think of her almost everyday, and hopes of meeting her again one day. I never forgot...", Samantha gives Ada a hug, and then Theophilus wanted Ada and Daisy in his mansion and try to work this out. Samantha was left out alone, but then Toby came to check if everything was alright, Samantha said they were both inside with the cat that lives here.