Searching For World SaversEdit

Tom and Blacky has made it to Dolphin Coast, they walk and suddenly they see Samantha, they go to her, Tom ask Samantha if she was one of the cats that saved the world, Samantha says yes, Blacky says that they thought that she was on another island, Samantha says that she lives on another island, but she is waiting on this one for her warp ring. Tom says that she has to go with them, Samantha ask why, Blacky says that a cat and some dogs wants to make a statue of her and they need her to post for them. Samantha thought that was awesome, she proudly goes with them. They go to Lilly's house and knocks, Lilly opens up and wonders, Tom says that she has to go with them and bring her to the ones that wants to make a statue of her, Lilly cries, it was her dream of them making a statue of her! Blacky wants to go different ways, so Tom suggest her to go and get Daisy, Toby, Theophilus and Bartholemew, Blacky accepts, Lilly goes with her and they use the Warp Stone. Tom and Samantha goes to Ada, she wonders what they want, Samantha says that a cat and a group of dogs wants to make a statue of her, and she needs to post for them, Ada accepts happily.

Highland Villages & Back We GoEdit

Lilly and Blacky made it to the gates, Neil comes up and ask if Blacky is a Bombay, she says yes. Neil knows that they are very rare, Blacky says "one out of the two", Lilly shouts "are you serious?!", Blacky says yes. They open the gates and off they go to Sky Heights. Theophilus has just finished making four warp rings, he goes out of his mansion and sees Lilly and Blacky, Lilly says that him and Bartholemew has to go with them, and post for the ones that wants to make statues, Theophilus gets Bartholemew, they both accept, They all go back and Theophilus has the warp rings with him. Back at South Pawville, Tom, Samantha and Ada waits for the rest of them at the Warp Stone, suddenly Maggie comes along out from Lappy Lake, she sees the three at the Warp Stone, but doesn't say anything, instead she just walks by and goes to North Pawville. The cats reappear at the Warp Stone, Blacky says that the Warp Stones are really cool. Daisy and Toby already got their warp rings, now Theophilus gives Ada and Samantha their warp rings, Tom says to head to the boat, everyone walks along, they reach the boat, they all get on and sail off.